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Straattoneel / Street stage 2008 ~ gedicht / poem: Karima Hoisan 2011

↑ Tekst – Beeld / Text – Image

“My Beloved Moth’s Burning Flame”

Weirdness is the first name for my beloved moth’s burning flame,
that fires me up to go to shocking places, startling and treacherously unknown,
where the piper lures me from the park, into the twisted wooded back-ways,
and there I’m finally set ablaze inside someone’s unexpected game.

Strange is the middle name for my beloved moth’s burning flame,
the bass keys, the minor scales, where a shopping cart preludes sad endings,
so attractive for my dark- side, waxen wings of off-beat curiosity,
yes, it’s probably that tendency, of poetic self destruction that’s to blame.

Disturbed is the first surname for my beloved moth’s burning flame,
Emo, Goth, white-skinned -red lipped and wearing a pale down-turned grin,
ominous black birds, fog wheels and rolls, while the piper’s music plays,
and dangerous dogs do not obey, while children tease as if they’re tame.

Freakish is the last surname for my beloved moth’s burning flame,
excessive imagination, makes the wind cry and the leaves now whisper “die.”
The wick tonight does burn too bright, and curious moths will crisp and sputter.
Eldritch strolls out of the gutter, and in the dim-lit park, what’s his, he will reclaim.

Karima Hoisan – May 19, 2011
Virtual Art Gallery LINC Island SL




Blog – https://karimahoisan.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/my-beloved-moths-burning-flame/